Herbs, Supplements, Vitamins For Memory Improvement

Herbs, Supplements, Vitamins For Memory Improvement

Using herbs, supplements  and vitamins for memory improvement  is a good way to assist the mind.  You can help your memory, keep the brain active and slow memory loss that occurs over time during the aging process. Use of herbs can aid in both the short and long-term memory health, with remarkable results.  One of the main herb that is used is from the maidenhair tree, also known as Gingko Biloba.  It is used to help with oxygenation to all organs of the body as well as to the brain.  It also assists in prevention of mild memory loss or early Alzheimer’s.  Sage oil is also used to help counteract the effects of memory loss that occurs with the disease.

Antioxidants  such as fresh rosemary help increase memory function by improving blood circulation.  This is also true of foods high in vitamins C and E.  These help reduce the amount of free radicals in your brain which slow the absorption or use of the oxygen the blood brings from the heart to the brain.  Brain cells that die also carry memory loss with them if they are in that location of the brain.  Using fresh herbs, supplements and vitamins  can be a way to help guard against memory loss  or more serious associated illnesses.

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